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My name is Scott Summerton and welcome to the Guilty Pleasures Cinema, celebrating the movies you're embarrassed to love and showcasing those you might have missed!

You should never feel guilty about it if it’s a movie you love!



Guilty Pleasures Cinema 100 Bloopers

Guilty Pleasures Cinema Episode 100 was big, except it wasn't smooth sailing!

Come and see my friends and I fail and fumble, including David Green, Matt Zion, Isle of Rangoon, Jason Grey, Jennifer White, Cinna Sidibe and Shauna Kosoris!



Guilty Pleasures Cinema 100 - Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Welcome one and all to the 100th episode and 4th anniversary of the Guilty Pleasures Cinema!  Celebrating the movies you're embarrassed to love!

For this momentous occasion we take a look at the guilty pleasure that is king of the guilty pleasures, Guardians of the Galaxy!   Marvel's 10th movie and huge 2014 hit is a guilty pleasure?  Well of course it is, why...  well to know why you'll just have to watch!

Super big amazing awesome thank yous to everyone involved at any point over the past four years, from having me as cameos or joining me here on mine, or just supporting the show and most importantly having fun while doing it!  The GPC is small and back when I made episode 1 I called it 001 thinking someday I'll hit 100, and here we are!

From cameos and friends and antagonists and just showing up to be silly, friends and family and all the newcomers the GPC has brought makes it all worthwhile.

So come and watch the fourth anniversary and as always, stay through the credits...  it IS a Marvel movie I'm reviewing afterall!

Joining me on this are Cinna Sidibe, Jordyn McDowell, Shauna Kosoris, Jennifer White and a whole host of others:

David Green of Komodo Music - www.youtube.com/komodomusicdjs

Sunny Jim and Starchibald of The Isle of Rangoon - www.isleofrangoon.com

John Rhoades of Drive-In Radio on Facebook

Cthullian of Triskaidekafiles - www.triskaidekafiles.com

Matt Zion of Wreckless Eating - www.youtube.com/wrecklesseating

Thrand & Eldgrim - www.youtube.com/thegnthrand

Midnight Corey - www.midnightcorey.com

Michael J formerly of The Morbidly Made




Status of the Cinema - 02/26/2016

Status of the Cinema recorded Feb 26 2016, talking about the full 100 episodes and 4 years thus far, highs and lows, the blip closure in 2015, restructuring, plans for 2016, plus talk about the format, review, fair use, inspirations, and everything in between.


Guilty Pleasures Cinema 092 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)

LOST EPISODE - The Guilty Pleasures Cinema finished its trek through time to restore the precursor to Halloween 2015, with the much-derided movie version of Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I love this movie.  There I said it.  Bring it on!

Oh, WHY do I love it?  Come find out!

The Countdown to 100 is on!



Guilty Pleasures Cinema 099 - Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

The Guilty Pleasures Cinema resumes with the Lost Episodes now found! How? Does the strange alien device have anything to do with it? Does the plot mirror the awesome western/sci-fi of the super fun Cowboys & Aliens? Come find out! The Countdown to 100 nearly over!


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