About the GPC

My name is Scott Summerton and welcome to the Guilty Pleasures Cinema, celebrating the movies you're embarrassed to love and showcasing those you might have missed!

You should never feel guilty about it if it’s a movie you love!



GPC Episode 25 - Daredevil (2003)

The Guilty Pleasures Cinema First Anniversary Countdown continues with Daredevil!

Come witness the superheroics of a blind man with the power of sight!


GPC Episode 24 - Twilight (2008)


The GPC returns, reviewing what can be argued as a major guilty pleasure for millions of people, and is the start of a billion dollar franchise.  Is it truly a guilty pleasure, or even so bad it's good?  Is it just crap?

It's Twilight.


GPC Episode 23 - Movies of 2012

The GPC returns and we are delaying the Show & Tell for The A-Team because no one watched the first Show & Tell and A-Team deserves better!  Instead we look at ALL the movies that came out in 2012 that I saw, and talk a bit about the upcoming FIRST ANNIVERSARY of the GPC at the end of February!

Happy New Year!


GPC Episode 22 - End of Days (1999)

The End of Days reaches the Guilty Pleasures Cinema with 1999's End of Days!  Arnold Schwarzenegger goes one on one with the Devil himself, and I'm not the only one preparing!  Thrand and Eldgrimr (www.youtube.com/ThegnThrand) are taking stock, the Isle of Rangoon is getting ready (www.isleofrangoon.com) and Cthullian peeks in as well (www.triskaidekafiles.com), plus a special thanks to Matt Zion (www.youtube.com/wrecklesseating) who wanted to help but was too busy checking his food supplies!


GPC Episode 21 - Top 9 Christmas Movies

We celebrate Christmas early, with the Top 9 Christmas Movies according to the GPC!  What made the list?  What was omitted?  Come and find out!