Vlog 07/02/12 - GPC 10 Delay

New computer to make GPC better, however its caused a delay! GPC 10 was due July 4, but its moved to July 11! This week has today's vlog instead, two more TTOCS (Tues and Thurs) and Wednesday will debut GPT! GPT? What's that? Stay tuned...!


GPC Bloopers 2 - Passenger 57

Back with more bloopers! Here's all the ones from last week's Passenger 57... I couldn't pass up making my own titles like their opening, but that meant the bloopers had to be sacrificed, until now!

I definitely want to do more stuff during the off weeks, but for the majority of the reviews, bloopers will remain in the credits!


GPC Episode 9 - Passenger 57 (1992)

The GPC returns with Die Hard on a Plane, aka Passenger 57! I've said the 80s were the Golden Age of Action movies but that's not to say we didn't get some holdovers into the 90s, and this is a prime example of one done well. It's Die Hard on a Plane, but in a GOOD way!


Vlog 06/05/12 - GPC Extras Week Day 5 - Shirts!

Extras Week ends with the announcement of Guilty Pleasures Cinema Shirts! Specifically the logo on black ($18) "Suck It, Henry Ford!" on white (already dropped to $20 from $22 in the video!) and a GPC Logo hoodie ($32.50), all available RIGHT NOW at guiltypleasurescinema.spreadshirt.com! About a dollar from each sale goes to me, but if you want more info, check out the vlog below, and the rest of Extras Week with the first 2 TTOCS (Hulk and Superman III), LXG Bloopers and the vlog from Monday introducing it all!

Big thanks to Jason Grey of Triskaidekafiles for not only the marquee logo, but assistance with the Nemo face imagery too!


GPC TTOCS 2 - Superman III (1983)

Superman III is a PG Richard Pryor comedy... with Superman. Why?! It's not that great, however There's That One Cool Scene... Superman fighting himself in the junkyard! OK that still merits a "bwah" but it's cheesy fun goodness!