GPC Bloopers 1 - LXG

Extras Week continues with the first Bloopers special, and it's from Episode 7's montage of course, cause I had just too many to include in the credits!  Really just one carryover part, but it deserved it's own segment, so here it is!


GPC TTOCS 1 - Hulk (2003)

Here at the GPC I showcase the movies that deserve to not be forgotten, but sometimes there's movies that are hard to love, but still have a part you DO love.  Part of Extras Week is the debut of a new series to focus on those moments, because sometimes in a movie There's That One Cool Scene!  It debuts today with a look at Ang Lee's Hulk!


Vlog 06/03/12 - GPC Extras Week Day 1

GPC Extras Week starts with a Day 1 intro! That is kinda rambly, but in it I talk about everything from the plans for the week to the inspiration for GPC in the first place back in 2010, the goals I'm aiming for and some insight on the movies reviewed so far. Check back all week for short reviews, bloopers and more!

Also, I've been told I did say Triskaidekafiles right, however I left out the URL!  It's right here: (also its the love of the number, not the fear...  but I digress!)


GPC Episode 8 - XXX (2002)

The GPC returns and goes extreme with another early 2000s action film, XXX!  Come with me as we look at what should have been the American Bond franchise years before Jason Bourne ever hit the silver screen!

Also, forgive the very opening film footage up through the concert, capture issues lead to a not-that-great workaround.

Oh and, around the 20 minute mark, there's about 8 seconds of black.  There's nothing missing I just guess this got too extreme for me and I had to leave it in to calm things down?


GPC Episode 7 - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

The GPC returns with easily the most widely hated source yet, and yet it has so much in common with what has just become THE all-time box office weekend champion...  Is comparing the two blasphemy?  Pff heck no, Avengers Schmavengers (ok no that movie is AWESOME) but its now time for The League of Extraordinady Gentlemen!

Super big thanks to Rob Quinn at Hill City Comics and Jennifer White for once again helping out too!

Oh and the blurry text that shows up (you'll know it when you see it) is the 'it didn't render like in the preview' close-up of the poster focusing on the title "Marvel's The Avengers"...  hmm who would that aggrivate?