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GPC Episode 45 - Bloodsport II (1996)

The GPC reenters the Kumite in the sequel to one of my all time favourites Bloodsport with Bloodsport II, marketed as Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite.

How hard is it to screw up a movie about international fighters in a worldwide tournament?  Pretty damn easy actually, but hey it's not all bad if the fighting itself is still good right?


Come find out with more fighting, more silly yelling, more titles and more Ray Jackson!


GPC Episode 2 Commentary - Bloodsport

Halloween Skip Week 2013 ends with a commentary track for GPC Episode 2, Bloodsport!

Check it out and all the new shows this week, then come back next week for GHOST RIDER on Halloween!


GPC Episode 2 - Bloodsport (1988)

Better late than never, the GPC returns with the film that launched Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bloodsport!  Had to fight my way through some back alley agents to get this up, any more delays and I'd have had to forfeit my spot in the tournament!

Oh and I realized during rendering that I left out UFC 129 (2011) from the clip credits, doh!