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GPC Episode 13 - The Rundown (2003)

ROCK MONTH continues at the Guilty Pleasures Cinema with a personal favourite, The Rundown!  Watch Rock and Stiffler take on each other and evil mining dictator Christopher Walken in Brazil! Why did no one watch this when it first came out?!

Episode 12 was a day late, so 13 is a day early!


GPC Episode 1 - Tango & Cash (1989)

The GPC debuts after nearly two years of development (complete with rushed imperfections and quite possibly some physical ailments imposed onto myself) with the underrated Stallone/Russell buddy cop movie Tango & Cash! It'll only get smoother from here!

And yes, I noticed the mispelling "Pleaures" in the end URL and am aware of the odd frame jumps and overall low audio...  but onward and upward I say!